From finding a scent, selecting between a fragrance or Diamond Stategree|associate} eau de toillete, to learning whether or not you ought to layer, there square measure several decisions to think about once buying a fragrance.
But selecting a signature scent doesn’t got to be troublesome. Jan Moran, the creator of the Sephora Fragrance

How to select the right Fragrance

Finder by Scentsa, a touch-screen technology that helps shoppers notice and study fragrance, offers the subsequent tips:

– Know your scents. Scents square measure usually sorted into 5 classes — floral, fresh, spicy and heat, woody and earthy, and brisk aromatics. totally {different|completely different} scent teams charm to different personalities.

For example, contemporary scents, that embody citrus, aquatic and fruit aromas, speak to a sunny temperament, whereas woody and earthy fragrances will appear soothing and calm. Sephora’s Scentsa offers a “Discover Your Signature Scent vogue Quiz,” which might assist you verify what scents can best charm to you.

“With over five hundred new fragrances launched annually, you actually got to be educated to seek out a scent that works for you,” says Moran. “Scentsa’s touch-screen application options current data on over half-dozen,000 fragrances, thus it helps customers notice confidence once searching.”

– Try fragrance wardrobing. Once you recognize what scents you prefer, modification your fragrance for various occasions, moods and climates. select made scents throughout the winter and lighter fragrances for summer. Relax with vanilla and lavender, energize with rose and flower.

– Choose a fragrance strength. fragrance is that the most intense sort of fragrance, followed by eau DE parfum, eau DE grooming and eau DE cologne. Intensity, however, doesn’t mean that the scent are going to be daring and robust, solely that it’ll last longer on your skin.

– Apply fragrance at your pulse points. Your pulse points square measure behind your ears, at your throat and also the rear of the neck, within the neckline (collar), on your wrists, within the crook of your elbow, behind your knees and on your ankles. Spray fragrance for a a lot of even application.

– Store your fragrance properly. for max period, store fragrances in a very cool, dry place with the cap tightly secured. Keep fragrances faraway from direct daylight.

Find out a lot of regarding the Sephora Fragrance Finder by Scentsa by visiting your native Sephora store